easyWallbox, easy life.

The solution for quick, easy charging of your electric or plug-in hybrid vehicle at home.

How does it work?

The simplest way to charge. Secure easyWallbox to the wall and connect it to the power socket, like any other household appliance.

Furthermore, with a simple upgrade, easyWallbox modulates the charging power based on the electricity available, thus preventing the risk of a power outage1.


easyWallbox, easy day

Have a worry-free day.

Indoor and outdoor resistance

Works safely in almost all weather conditions2.


No specialist installation required, it takes less than 20 minutes.

Power upgrade

Fast charging with installation carried out by qualified professionals.

Safe and smart

Only uses the power available in the house in real time, thanks to the dedicated sensor.1

Two power levels

Two power levels


Charging power available with no specialist installation required.


Charge even faster by requesting professional installation.

eSolutions Charging App

With eSolutions Charging you can customize your profile to use the easyWallbox according to your needs.
Plus, you can manage your charging on-the-go when you're away from home.
With eSolutions Charging you can:
  • Create your personal recharge profile
  • Pair your easyWallbox with your smartphone
  • Configure your device and modify the features according to your needs
  • Start, manage and stop the charging sessions
  • Contact the Customer Service Department.
  • And much more

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1easyWallbox and eProWallbox require the installation of DPM (Dynamic Power Management) by qualified personnel, in compliance with local regulations.

2easyWallbox and eProWallbox are suitable for outdoor installation in an open but sheltered place.