The solution for quick, easy charging of your electric or hybrid vehicle at home.


easyWallbox in a nutshell

Indoor and outdoor resistance

Works safely in almost all weather conditions1.

Plug & Play

No specialist installation required, it takes less than 20 minutes.

Power upgrade

Fast charging with installation carried out by qualified professionals.

Safe and smart

Only uses the power available in the house in real time, thanks to the dedicated sensor2.


Within 10 working days you will be contacted by the shipper to arrange delivery.

What's inside

  • easyWallbox, including cables, plug and charging connector
  • Current sensor for Dynamic Power Management (DPM)
  • Drilling template
  • 3 screws
  • 3 anchors
  • Product documentation


1easyWallbox and eProWallbox are suitable for outdoor installation in an open but sheltered place.

2easyWallbox and eProWallbox require the installation of DPM (Dynamic Power Management) by qualified personnel, in compliance with local regulations.