How do I release the cable from the column?
To release the cable from the station, we suggest you open the car using the remote control. If the car is already open, you need to close it and open it again, otherwise the cable will not be released. Furthermore, once released, it must be unplugged within 5 seconds otherwise the car could lock it again. These actions should allow the cable to be released but if this is not successful, we suggest contacting the charging station operator directly (number generally present on the station or among the station details provided by the app).
How extensive is the eSolutions Charging network of charging stations?
eSolutions Charging includes 260.000 connected charging stations in Italy, Germany, France, Spain, Austria, Switzerland, Belgium, Luxembourg, Liechtenstein and Ireland, and we are constantly working to extend our network across Europe.
Which operating systems are supported by the eSolutions Charging app?
The app can be downloaded for free from the Apple Store (iOS) or the Play Store (Android).
Which offers are available to top up with eSolutions Charging?
For public charging we have two “Pay as you move” offers that will allow you to get the most out of the advantages of electric mobility regardless of any geographic power limits and with a variable monthly charge. Visit our website to find out more:
How can I start to navigate through eSolutions Charging?
To use our services, download our eSolutions Charging app and create a new account by selecting “Register”. To start charging you will need to have one of our offers activated or to purchase it directly by selecting “Activate a service”.