The home solution offering more charging power and with RFID access control.


eProWallbox in short

Indoor and outdoor resistance

Works safely in almost all weather conditions thanks to the airtight shell1.

Fast and smart

Quick recharge always available with intelligent management of the energy available in the house2.

Always connected

Manage remotely and always keep an eye on the charging status, thanks to 4G, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity.

Controlled accesses

It uses RFID identification technology to allow charging only to whoever you want.


Within 10 working days you will be contacted by the shipper to arrange delivery.

What's inside

  • Installation DIMA
  • Leaflet
  • Safety Instructions
  • RFID
  • SIM


1easyWallbox and eProWallbox are suitable for outdoor installation in an open but sheltered place.

2easyWallbox and eProWallbox require the installation of the DPM (Dynamic Power Management) by qualified personnel, in accordance with local regulations.