eProWallbox Move

Transform your EV charging experience with an intelligent charging solution ready to deliver fast and efficient charging.


eProWallbox Move in short

Residential and Business charging

enhance your charging experience at home or when managing fleets and parking lots.

Versatile Power

Range charging for your electric vehicle from 7.4 kW in single phase up to 22 kW in three phase.

Indoor and Outdoor

Works safely in a wide range of weather conditions, it is ready to charge everywhere!

Always connected

Manage the charging station remotely and monitor the charging sessions thanks to the eSolutions Charging app.


Within 10 working days you will be contacted by the shipper to arrange delivery.

What's inside

  • Drilling template
  • User Guide
  • Installation Guide
  • Safety Instructions


1easyWallbox, eProWallbox Move and eProWallbox require the installation of DPM (Dynamic Power Management) by qualified personnel, in compliance with local regulations.

2easyWallbox, eProWallbox Move and eProWallbox are suitable for outdoor installation in an open but sheltered place.