On the go for business

On the go charging solutions, adaptable to the specific needs of any type of business. To allow employees to access the ALL-e network and charge their vehicle even when they are travelling for work.


Maximum coverage

The ALL-e network is present in 29 European countries, and is constantly expanding. It currently has more than 600,000 charging points across Europe.

Total management

The business solutions provided by eSolutions enable fleet managers to easily manage the charging of electric company cars, even on the go.

Green charging

eSolutions implements a CO2 compensation plan, guaranteeing zero-impact electric charging with a focus on protecting the planet.

Energy Card

The solution to integrate your company car fleet into electric mobility and offer on-the-go charging as a benefit to your employees.

How does it work?
  1. Registration and activation of the account by the employee with use of the code received from the company.
  2. Vehicle charging by the employee via dedicated app or RFID card.
  3. Monthly billing to the company with activation charge, monthly fees and employee consumption.


With the RFID card, charging is even faster: simply tap it on the charging point to start charging your car in an instant.

A quick, handy tool to be combined in total autonomy with your eSolutions account via the app and which guarantees charging in any circumstances, even without the need for a smartphone or app.

How do I get one?
Companies that decide to offer an on-the-go charging solution to their employees can also provide an RFID card for more agile access to the charging points that is always guaranteed.

eSolutions Charging

With the eSolutions Charging App, it is possible to manage all aspects related to the charging of electric vehicles or plug-in hybrids in a convenient, worry-free way.
A single app to find charging stations, start charging and monitor the status remotely.

Everything for a simple, intuitive experience.