How can I start to navigate through eSolutions Charging?

How do I release the cable from the column?
To release the cable from the station, we suggest you open the car using the remote control. If the car is already open, you need to close it and open it again, otherwise the cable will not be released. Furthermore, once released, it must be unplugged within 5 seconds otherwise the car could lock it again. These actions should allow the cable to be released but if this is not successful, we suggest contacting the charging station operator directly (number generally present on the station or among the station details provided by the app).
How extensive is the eSolutions Charging network of charging stations?
eSolutions Charging includes 260.000 connected charging stations in Italy, Germany, France, Spain, Austria, Switzerland, Belgium, Luxembourg, Liechtenstein and Ireland, and we are constantly working to extend our network across Europe.
Which operating systems are supported by the eSolutions Charging app?
The app can be downloaded for free from the Apple Store (iOS) or the Play Store (Android).
Where can I install the eProWallbox?
eProWallbox can be installed both indoor and outdoor. In restricted and private access areas (e.g. closed box) installation is possible. As for the common areas of the condominium, installation is possible in places with restricted access, if provided for by the condominium rules and if an adequate electrical connection is available.
How can I start to navigate through eSolutions Charging?
To use our services, download our eSolutions Charging app and create a new account by selecting “Register”. To start charging you will need to have one of our offers activated or to purchase it directly by selecting “Activate a service”.
What are the necessary precautions for an outside installation?
eProWallbox is a device with IP55 protection rating and is therefore suitable for installation in an external environment. In general, atmospheric agents do not constitute a limit to use. All plastics are in a specific polycarbonate for outdoor installations. It is not recommended to install the device under direct sunlight or exposed to rain, if necessary, install a canopy to protect the product. eProWallbox is resistant to sunlight, however, during charging, heat is generated inside the wallbox and may lead to overheating beyond the maximum operating temperatures. eProWallbox is however equipped with a safety system that reduces the charging current when the maximum temperatures are exceeded.
Can anyone install the eProWallbox?
With a permanent connection to the electrical network, the installation requires the intervention of qualified personnel for the design and construction of a dedicated and certified electrical system
Can I increase the power of the eProWallbox?
eProWallbox maximum output is 22 kW. During the installation phase the qualified personnel must set the required type of input power supply (single-phase or three-phase) and the maximum power the device will deliver, according to the contractual power of your dwelling. You may not change this parameter on your own after the installation. If necessary, you can contact our Customer Support and ask for the intervention of qualified personnel.
What are the average charging times with eProWallbox?
It is possible to simply calculate the charging times using the formula: EV battery capacity (kWh) / Wallbox charging power (kW). For example a Jeep Renegade with a battery capacity of 11.4kWh is fully recharged in approximately 3 hours, using a wallbox with a charging power set at 3.7kW and in an hour and twenty minutes at 7.4kW.
How can I check the status of my eProWallbox?
Thanks to its touch display, eProWallbox can provide information in real-time about connectivity status, charging session details, errors. All this information is also available on the eSolutions Charging App.
How do I connect the eProWallbox to WiFi/Internet
eProWallbox is delivered with a SIM card for internet connection through 4G, already installed. To setup WiFi connection on the wallbox, check that the signal is sufficient and follow the step on the app.
Does eProWallbox works also without an internet connection?
Yes, it works but without access to WiFi or data. Both configuration and management of the device must be done via Bluetooth
Can easyWallbox be installed in an unprotected environment, exposed to rain/snow and in the seaside areas?
easyWallbox is a device with an IP54 degree of protection and is therefore suitable for outdoor installation in an area that is at least partially covered. In general, atmospheric agents do not constitute a restriction on use. All plastic parts are made with a specific polycarbonate for outdoor installations. For proper use, the ambient temperature must be between -20 ° C and + 50 ° C. Inside the easyWallbox there is a temperature sensor that stops the operation when it exceeds the internal temperature limits set. It is important to underline that if you install easyWallbox in the blazing sun you could quickly reach the limit of 50 ° C. It is therefore necessary to install under a shelter or a canopy.
How can I be sure that using easyWallbox does not continually trigger the counter?
easyWallbox is equipped with an accessory that enables Dynamic Power Management, a function that regulates the use of the electricity available to recharge the vehicle net of domestic users. Dynamic Power Management sets the vehicle's maximum energy demand based on available power at any given time. It should be noted that the minimum available energy required by the vehicle for recharging is approximately equal to 1.4kW. Below this level, charging stops until at least 1.4kW is available again. As an alternative to the use of Dynamic Power Management and the current required by the vehicle, it is possible to program the start of charging via Free2Charge and set the maximum current threshold to be used for the vehicle based on user habits and the energy supply contract .
Why should I use easyWallbox in Plug & Play mode instead of the cable supplied with the car?
easyWallbox allows a much higher level charging experience. Compared to the cable supplied with the car, it has several advantages, including the possibility to: • manually set an absorbed power limit or, through the installation of Dynamic Power Management, automatically manage the power based on the loads detected on the power line • set the start of recharging and monitoring of energy consumption • have a fixed station with cable ready for use (without the need to remove it from the trunk at each recharge)
To use our services, download our eSolutions Charging app and create a new account by selecting “Register”. To start charging you will need to have one of our offers activated or to purchase it directly by selecting “Activate a service”.