ePublic, life around

The practical and safe solution for charging up to two vehicles in public and semi-public car parks.

How does it work?

Ideal in public access car parks or in those with restricted but unsupervised access. ePublic charges up to two vehicles simultaneously with a maximum power per vehicle of 22 kW in three-phase.

In addition, it integrates multiple back-end platforms to meet all management and metering needs.


ePublic, everywhere

To offer a fast, safe charging service.

Weather- and vandal-proof

Certified to withstand various weather conditions, impact and tampering.


It allows you to quickly charge two vehicles at the same time - up to 22 kW each.


4G connection to be monitored and managed remotely thanks to the integration of different back-end platforms.


Equipped with a MID-certified meter to use consumption data for tax purposes.

Ready for anything, everywhere.

Ready for anything, everywhere.

In the city

Resistant to impact and tampering, it allows you to charge on the road, worry-free.

In public access car parks

The ideal solution to offer a fast charging service to your customers.