Can easyWallbox be installed in an unprotected environment, exposed to rain/snow and in the seaside areas?
easyWallbox is a device with an IP54 degree of protection and is therefore suitable for outdoor installation in an area that is at least partially covered. In general, atmospheric agents do not constitute a restriction on use. All plastic parts are made with a specific polycarbonate for outdoor installations. For proper use, the ambient temperature must be between -20 ° C and + 50 ° C. Inside the easyWallbox there is a temperature sensor that stops the operation when it exceeds the internal temperature limits set. It is important to underline that if you install easyWallbox in the blazing sun you could quickly reach the limit of 50 ° C. It is therefore necessary to install under a shelter or a canopy.
How long does it take to install easyWallbox in the Plug & Play configuration (e.g. schuko) purchased with the vehicle?
One of the advantages of easyWallbox in Plug & Play mode is that it does not require any particular electrical intervention for installation; just mount it on the wall and plug it into the nearest shuko socket. The installation time is approximately 20 minutes.