Choose the Free2move eSolutions installation service, guaranteed for 2 years. Thanks to our network of certified installers, installing and configuring your new easyWallbox or eProWallbox becomes simple and safe.

Three simple steps

1. Contact us

Fill in the form with your data and request the installation service. You will be contacted by our Charging Specialists to propose a customized offer for you.

2. Check

Make an appointment with an eSolutions technician for the Home Check, a check of the mains in your home to agree on the specifications and the most suitable place for the installation of your easyWallbox or eProWallbox.

3. Installation

The technician will take care of connecting the easyWallbox or eProWallbox to the mains in accordance with local regulations and with your energy supply contract. At the end of the intervention, you’ll charge your vehicle together directly.

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It depends on several things. If you own your home, with your own electricity meter, garage or parking space, you meet the most important criteria. But if, for example, you rent a property but have your own parking space, you can usually install your own easyWallbox/eProWallbox. The best thing to do is to get in touch with us to find out: fill in the form here describing your situation to us and we will provide you with all the help you need to make sure you can install your easyWallbox/eProWallbox at home
It will depend on local legislation. In some countries, such as Italy, the law differs for installation in your own garage or in communal areas such as the residents’ car park. If you are installing in your own garage, you do not need the approval of the other residents, simply notify the building manager, sending them the project documents and the declaration of conformity that we will issue you at the end of the work. Installation in communal areas, on the other hand, requires the approval of the other residents as regards the division of expenses and co-ownership of the infrastructure. If the other residents are not keen, this does not prevent you from installing the column, but obviously the costs are borne only by the residents in favour. In this case the only constraint is the guarantee not to damage the communal areas or compromise their use.

An important note: if you need to connect the easyWallbox/eProWallbox to the building energy system, you need to purchase a consumption meter such as our Mid-Meter, so as to calculate the amount of energy used and inform the building manager to ensure correct billing.
Purchasing easyWallbox/eProWallbox and installation at the same time protects you from any potential problems, as our warranty covers both hardware and installation for 2 years. Furthermore, you can be confident that you have an expert able not only to install the wallbox but also to support you in its installation, who will deliver the easyWallbox/eProWallbox directly on the day of installation.
A few days after your purchase, we will contact you to arrange an inspection and evaluate if there is any extra work that needs to be carried out. If there is, we will also provide you with an estimate of the price of the extra work and in the event that the price is higher than expected, you will still be able to cancel the order and get a full refund net of the cost of the inspection (cost subject to the country of reference).